The focus of the narrative unit was to create an animation out of a comic that we created in English class. In English, we would write about something we had learned in our life and then we would create a short comic. Then we would scan the comic into the computer and create an animated storyboard (animatic) using Adobe Flash. We would then record audio and put it into the storyboard and then use the storyboard to create our animation.

This unit was very stressful for me because the animation was very hard to create and it often felt like I wouldn't get it done in time. However, I liked writing my short story and drawing my illustration. I also spent a while trying to get the right photos for my diptych.I have worked hard to create everything you see here. In the Narrative section of my website, you will be able to watch my storyboard and my animation by clicking on the buttons. You will also be able to find my narrative diptych and illustration.

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