Introduction and Reflection:

For this project, we were tasked with creating a documentary in both our elective class and English. Me and my partner ended up deciding to focus on the student activism movement and it’s history. While we created the film documentary together, we took independent paths when creating the written version. I learned the value of planning during this project, as well as the need to put in “overtime hours”. In my film class, there wasn’t a single group that managed to get their rough draft submitted on time, and that was a real wake up call to me that I needed more time than just what was given in class. I’m personally glad I learned this now, instead of next year when we are required to be more professional.

Film Production:

I worked very hard on this film, facing multiple setbacks in scheduling interviews, creating the message we want, and attempting to work with what we had. I feel like I had prepared for people to give specific answers that were phrased specific ways, and when I didn’t get that, it was sort of shocking. I had originally planned to create the documentary in a specific way, and after the first few interviews, it became abundantly clear that my plan wouldn’t be possible. Despite that, we adapted and found out ways to fill the holes in our idea and create a documentary that decently handles a tough issue like that.

Photo Gallery:



Interviewee Bios – display a photo and some information about each person you interviewed for the project.