Narrative 1


Visual Narrative Project Unit

And so we enter the second unit in our Freestyle career. As we have gone through this unit, we have delved deeper into the concise and stable structure with which we create less, shall we say, “abstract” artwork. In the first unit, we discovered to to put a pen to paper. In this unit, we learned how to create something meaningful, something that can tell a story, whether it be through pictures, film, or words.

I hope as you explore the incredible works of art here, others as well as mine, you take just a few seconds to try to think just a little deeper into the creation of everything around you.


What was the assignment in English?
The assignment was that we had to create a short, thought out story of 2-4 pages. We were expected to include multiple characters, settings, a major conflict, and some kind of theme throughout the story.
What was your inspiration for your story?
Personally, I didn’t have much “Inspiration” for my short story. We all started off filling out this multi page form of questions about our character and their background and I basically just went wild with it. I created a deep and complex character with pages of backstory, just because I thought he was cool. What little “Inspiration” I had was just taking multiple aspects from a plethora of characters from different books that I had come in contact with. My main characters first name came from a wise old drunk in a book I read, and his last name came from a different character in the same book. His sister’s name (River) came from a Doctor Who Character (River Song). In the end, that mass amounts of different aspects from hundreds of sources, as well as a mountain of backstory, ended up being my main problem as I tried to fit too much story into those 4 pages.
How did you produced the audio version of your story?
To record this, I entered one of Freestyle Academy’s recording booths and read out my story. After that, I got to editing my recorded audio, cutting out parts that I stumbled over my words, adding sound effects and background music, and adjusting volume so that it wouldn’t hurt someones eardrums.
What did you value from the writing to audio version of your short story?
I value the experience the most. I have had to write short stories for school before but this project really let each student take their own path. Everyone got to do what they wanted and we turned out with so many amazing different stories.


Because people like to know about the “behind the scenes” process, add an “impressive” screenshot of your Audition Short Story Audio file and add a caption to explain what the image is about.


For this section, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted. We had to make something using one of the applications that we had previously learned how to use.
Provide viewer with some context about the custom illustrations you created for your section headers and browser favicon (Site Identity image) on this page. How did you create them? How are the images related to your Short Story?Because people like to know about the “behind the scenes” process, add an “impressive” screenshot of your Narrative 1 Website Headers Illustrator file and add a caption to explain what the image is about.


Film is an amazing elective and I have loved everything that it has taught me.