Natalie Hu is a student of Freestyle Academy. She currently takes classes in both digital media and animation. Enrolled in the program, she wants to gain skills to help her better understand what she aspires to do in life. She hopes that by being in Freestyle, it will give her the skill set to accomplish bigger and more complicated projects she wouldn’t have to resources or knowledge to do otherwise. Natalie aspires to create art that is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Through art, she is able to articulate her complex thoughts and ideas into a physical or visual form. She finds that she has taken the unique Freestyle community to a liking, and enjoys being connected to so many people with common interests or aspiration. 

In her past experience, she has taken various art courses such as Cornell’s summer program for fashion design as well in school courses. As hobbies, Natalie enjoys hip-hop dance and cosplaying. Natalie has taken dance classes since the beginning of elementary school and has continued to do so ever since. She frequents at 1 Million Dance, located in Seoul, South Korea, and On One Studios in San Jose, California. She is heavily inspired by Korean and Japanese media such as music, manga, and fashion, and studies both languages. She is very invested in both these languages, and has even participated in a home stay in Okayama, Japan during the summer of 2017. She is extremely inspired by the works of 石田スイ(Ishida Sui), the author of 東京喰種 (Tokyo Kushuu), 오프온프, a South Korean R&B duo, and fashion designer 박지훈 (Park Jihoon) of Another Youth. One of her favorite animation director is Masaaki Yuasa.