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Welcome to my Narrative Website


On this website, you will find all of the projects that I have worked on for the second quarter of my junior year. I used Garageband, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, Reason, and Dreamweaver on these projects. In the narraration unit we created a character to base all of our projects on. Even though the characters from the anamation don't seem like they releate to the one in my short story, I used similar basic themes and characteristics to create each.


I put in alot of time for these projects. My partner for my animation, Michael Romeo, and I worked for hours on the animatic and animation. I hope you enjoy the finished products and I will have more up after next quarter. Please enjoy.



The musical pieces I created were done purely out of my own free will. I taught myself how to use Reason in order to make a song that would go with my website. It took me a few days and I really hope you enjoy it. I am lookign forward to learning more about the program Reason in the next unit.


My first song is called Rogue because the beat is very subtle and simple but also very appealing at the same time. It was the first song I ever created on reason.



This next song is called Bumblescoff because the beat is very happy-go-lucky and encourages a stress-free and blissful life. Hatred is something I am not okay with and this musical creation resembles peace and energy. This was the second song I ever created in Reason. Can you see any imporvement?


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