Hello! and welcome to my second Narrative website!


This website serves to display evidence of my work from second quarter of my Senior year at Freestyle Academy. In the previous narrative unit from Junior year, we focused on telling a purely visual story. In this unit, we focused on creating a dialogue driven story.

In English class, we were given an assignment to create a dialogue driven short story. I chose to write my story about the struggles of being in a group project at school. In Design, I created a CD album cover for a potential soundtrack that would accompany this short story. In Digital Media, I created an audiobook version of my short story as well as a video teaser for my story.

Through this unit, I was able to gain an understanding of how using audio or dialogue enhances a viewer’s visual experience. I was able to learn how to use dialogue to guide a story and practice my audio editing skills in Pro Tools. Additionally, I was able to practice creating the casing and design of the audio product, the CD album case, which gave me more practice in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. My journey through this unit allowed me to become a more cohesive and impactful storyteller.