Owen Daniels – Change Later


Owen H. Daniels

My Freestyle Academy experience has been extremely unique. I have made friends with people who I would have never expected, I have refined my skills in Film, my chosen art form. I have been on argues road trips, I have met a lot of diverse and interesting people, and I have made lots of creative projects that I am proud of.

I value resolve and creativity when it comes to film. I think that if you have the drive, you can do it.

My favorite freestyle project so far has been the documentary unit, where I made a film and created a book in order to tell a story. It was by far the hardest project I have worked on period. But I loved every minute of it.

What do I value about freestyle: I value the technology, I value the teachers, and I value the community. Without these three things, there would be no such thing as Freestyle Academy.