For my documentary I wanted to pick something personal to me that I had enough passion for to make the writing process easier. My Mothers disability has in many ways shaped me to be who I am today and has always been something that I think about regularly. All of my friends know that my mother has this disability but I really wanted to show the real side to it and how strong Jane and Aime are for living with the disease and doing just fine.

Through making this commercial I got more comfortable with after affects but more importantly learned time management skills. I had to decide how long I wanted each image up and how many I wanted in order to make the 1 minute mark on time. I also learned how to revise introductions better, as I had to make multiple drafts of the intro until I got one with the right length and word choice


The purpose of a profile magazine is to tell an interesting story about a persons life that is interesting and captivates the reader. I attempted to do this through writing a chronology of both Jane and Aimes experiences with Stargardts

We wrote our documentary projects in English while also creating our layouts simultaneously in design. Once our text had been finalized we then inserted it into the spread we made.

  • Jane Watering Her GardenJane loves to care for her plants both her in her front and backyard.
  • Jane getting a good look at soccer lineupsDue to her bad vision, Jane sometimes has to get up close to read something.
  • Jane At PizzacartJane works the Pizzacart at MVHS once a week with some of her close friends
  • Aime With MarcusAime loves to stay close with her work friends, one of whom was her good friend Marcus. (RIP)
  • Jane talking through a soccer playJanes vision doesn't the way of the things she loves, like coaching soccer!
  • Jane getting some sunEven though Jane is unable to go into nature too often because of her bad knees, she loves to when she can.
  • Jane and CourtenyHere Jane is with her good friend and fellow soccer coach Courteny.
  • Aime getting up close to the tvLike Jane, Aime also has to get very close to things in order to see them in detail
  • Jane at Avaya stadiumOne of Janes favorite things to do is go watch the earthquakes see. With the help of our close seats and her binoculars, she can still get a good look at the game
  • Jane and AimeJane and Aime don't get to see eachother too often, but love when they get the chance
  • sliderJane loves her kids, and always enjoys when they visit her from college or their work.
  • Family on PorchJane, Aime, and their mother sitting on the porch in New Jersey
Jane Watering Her Garden1 Jane getting a good look at soccer lineups2 Jane At Pizzacart3 Aime With Marcus4 Jane talking through a soccer play5 Jane getting some sun6 Jane and Courteny7 Aime getting up close to the tv8 Jane at Avaya stadium9 Jane and Aime10 Jane and Jillian11 Family on Porch12

Aime and Jane are sister who both have Stargardt's. I chose to interview the because of this but also because this topic is current and relevant since Aime is participating in studies to learn more about the disease.

Name of person 1
Jane Zdepski

Ms Zdepski, was born and raised in New Jersey, with the exception of 18 months living in Sao Paolo, Brazil as a 9 year old. She was a 3 sport athlete in High School before getting her BS in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University in 1981. She was a practicing engineer for 9 years, predominantly as an Environmental Engineer working on water projects and Hydrology. She was diagnosed with Stargart’s at 30 years-old which is a primary subject of this article. When not raising and supporting her 4 children, Jane has been a community volunteer primarily in the area of Youth Soccer which ties back to her love of Sport.

Aime Kubar

Ms Kubar is Ms Zdepski sister, born 18 months later than Jane. She resides in New Jersey. She has been a mother of one child, a postal worker, bar-tender and now works in Retail. She was diagnosed with Stargart’s as well but a good while after Jane had been diagnosed herself . Ms Kubar has had the opportunity to participate in study of people afflicted with Macular Degeneration at the Columbia Eye Institute. She was selected in part due to the fact that she has a sibling with the same diagnosis and the uncharacteristic fact that both of these women exhibited the syndrome relatively late (15+ years later than most people who also have Stargardt’s).