The narrative unit gave us a chance to practice our story telling skills. We were also given exposure to new programs like ToonBoom and ProTools while further developing our skills in programs like photoshop and adobe illustrator. Our English project for this unit was to create a graphic novel. We learned a little about linear perspective to improve the quality of drawings. In Design, we had two major projects. We had a character portrait and an illustration. For the portrait, we had to shoot a portrait of one of our main characters. We used the studio for the first time and learned about different lighting techniques. For the illustration, we chose a scene from our graphic novel and further developed our skills in adobe illustrator. In WebAudio, we recorded our artist statements for these pieces using ProTools. Our main project in WebAudio was the animation which we created using ToonBoom Studio. This unit was (as always) a huge learning experience for me but I also had a lot of fun with everything!