Hello Everybody, and welcome to my second website, based off of our Narrative unit here at Freestyle. Throughout this unit, we used various applications to create several projects and works in our assembly of classes.


In English, as you may have heard, we wrote a fictional short story.


In Web/Audio, we created animatics, which is basically a storyboard with noise. I worked with my partner, Nicole Bennett, on this. Our animatic was used later to make our Animation, which we used primarily Illlustrator and Flash to create.


In Design, we used Illustrator to create illustrations based off of the story that we wrote in English. We were supposed to incorporate text into our works along with an intense amount of symbolism. We were also supposed to go shoot a diptych narrative photo resembling the story that we wrote in English. I would like to thank my lovely boyfriend, David Reid, for modeling for not one, but both of my photoshoots for my diptych and for my illustration.

I love you. :).