About Me


        Welcome visitor, to my humble abode! It’s not much but Richard’s web page does what Richard’s web page does. I am a Junior at Mountain View High school currently enrolled in the Freestyle Academy program. I was first drawn to this program by the prospect of doing actual work that I’d attempt to put any effort into (aka. stuff I like and think is cool), but I continue to remain because of the wealth of opportunities and skills that Freestyle develops and explores. Not only am I principally being taught about the ways of Film in Mr. Taylor’s class, but I am also being shown valuable writing skills in my English class with Mr. Greco, and I am learning how to use some cool programs in Mr. Florendo’s Digital Media Class.

My passions tend to veer towards making short experimental films and composing music. I have released four full-length albums on various alternative platforms and I have been making some pretty explicit and amateurish youtube videos for the whole world to see. But when I’m not creating I really enjoy kicking back and consuming various forms of media. Because I’m an edgy hipster I tend to lean towards more underground productions especially for music. But I still hold the claim that Wes Anderson has never made a bad movie (The Grand Budapest Hotel is my favorite film of all time and it’s PERFECT), Plants Vs. Zombies is the only great video game to have ever existed, and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” is a damn fine album!

To get a better sense of my pretension (and to locate other self-proclaimed hipsters) I will now list all my favorite bands James Murphy style:

-LCD Soundsystem (my top!)

-The Dismemberment Plan


-Wolf Parade

-Electric Wizard



-Black Sabbath

-The Beatles

-Aesop Rock