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Carly's Documentary


::Overview of Project::


Welcome to my documentary website. Here you can view my entire documentary on Creativity whenever wish. My documentary consists of a photo documentary, an audio documentary, a reserch paper, and my foreword to the project.


::Reserch Paper::

I wrote my reserch paper with carly about why children who are generally really creative loose their creativity as they grow older, and why by High school only a few students are still eager to work on their projects in a creative manner. We explored into how the educational systems could change their curriculums in a way that could help students continue to learn how to express themselves creatively, and whether or not that would benefit society.


::Audio Documentary::

Carly and I each made an Audio documentary. Her's really focuses on children who are in pre-school to really capture how their minds work differently, and what could be done to keep that creative thought process going as children have to start learning how to read write and do math. Mine focuses more on the few teens who are still creative and what they did differently while growing that made them keep their creative aspects.


::Photo Documentary::

Carly and I also each made a photo documetary. Once again her's focuses on pre-school children and mine focuses on high school teens.


::Project Comments::

This project was really stressful, and felt almost impossible at some points, but now that we are finished, it is really satisfying.