The documentary project was my third major project at Freestyle. In the documentary project I was sent to go out into the community and find interesting topics to document. I was encouraged to use the skills we learned from other project as well as incorporate new skills into the project. One new application that I learned for this project was Adobe After Effects, which I used to create my intro video.


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" We are developing the world's best driver "
~Erik Mollerstedt

In my book I wanted to keep a modern theme because self-driving cars are extremely new technology. To produce my book I used Adobe InDesign. In InDesign I created a layout and used pictures and illustrations, made in Adobe Illustrator, to help make the book more interesing to read. For the train track graphic in the introduction of the book I wanted to give the reader a visual of the ethic dilemma that I was writing about. For my font choices I wanted to continue the modern theme by picking a font that would go with the technology being talked about in the book. My color scheme was a simple black and white color scheme which looked very clean and went well with my book. To the right of this paragraph is a quote from one of the interviews that I conducted to get professional insite on my project.

Overall I really liked how my book turned out, but there were a few things that I would have changed if I had more time. One of them being that most of my pictures were all or around the same place. This meant that all the backgrounds were generally similar and made the repetition of it somewhat boring. For the writing portion of the book I was really proud of what I came up with. Having many people revise and edit the essay was definitely key to the success of the essay. In the beginning I thought it was going to be huge challenge to create the essay, but it was a little less hard than I thought.

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For my project I interviewed three people. The person that I wanted to interview first was someone who was in the self-driving car industry. Next I wanted to interview a teen to get the opinions of the younger generations on self driving cars. The last interview that I wanted to get was the perspective of someone who had experienced the changes that are happening to car culture first hand.

Name of person 1
Erik Mollerstedt

Erik Mollerstedt is a project manager at Waymo. Waymo is a comapny, under the parent company Alphabet, which is devloping self driving cars. If you live around the Bay Area you can see the distictive Waymo minivans driving throught Los Altos. Waymo is at the forefront of the self driving car industry.

Name of person 2
Kai Moos

Kai Moos is a student at Los Altos High School as well as a teen driver. Kai is representing the younger generation whom Waymo and other self driving car companies are going to have convince let self driving cars on the road.

Name of person 3
Paul Kelleher

Paul Kelleher is a car enthusist and works on cars as a hobby. He represents the previous generations who had a very different out look on car ownership and driving in general. He also represents a current car buyer and driver who may use the services that self driving cars will provide.