Explorations Project


Welcome to my explorations website! The explorations unit at freestyle was a two week project where we got to choose what we wanted to work on. The project was to prepare for next years Zenith project, where we would have a couple months to do a large project of our choice. For the explorations project I wanted to work with Ben Cornell and do speical effects. We choose to compare practical movie effect and CGI effects.


To start off the process, my partner and I wanted to create different senarios where we used CGI and practical effects to see which one we thought was better. Originally we filmed two different scenes, one with a mirror and another scene where my partner was shotting a bow and arrow at me. We eventually scrapped the mirror shot because it didn't really work with the CGI and pratical effect theme that we were going for. However, we did end up using the bow and arrow film because it matched what we were trying to do. Our next step was to complete the CGI part of the bow and arrow shot, becuase we had already filmed what we needed to for the practical effect and we had the templet shots for the CGI effect. To complete the CGI part of the project we masked a photo of an arrow that we took on a greenscreen and frame by frame maped the path of the CGI arrow to the path of the actual arrow that we shot. Lastly we put the different shots and put them together to see what the result would look like. Sadly the videos were not uploaded on to youtube so there is no way to show them here.


Part of the explorations project was to create asn infrographic that would illustrate what we did and show readers how we did it. My infographic is comaparing practical effects and CGI.


Looking back at this project, I would have liked to play around more with the after effets to see what other special and practical effects I could come up with. Also I would have liked to create more of a story to go along with the clips, so there would be more substance to the videos. The past year at Freestyle Academy has been an amazing year. Learning how to become a producer instead of a consumer. I am really excited to see what else I can create at Freestyle Academy.