About Me

My name is Sarah Bailey and I’m a junior at Mountain View High School and a first year in Freestyle Academy. I decided to participate in Freestyle because I was interested in learning about Adobe programs and how to create good quality films. I have a sister who participated in Freestyle a few years back, so I learned a lot about Freestyle through her. I got to see the process of making a film through my sister before going into the program myself.

Freestyle is a very welcoming environment with many different people expressing themselves in different ways. Everyone in Freestyle gets to know each other really well since our class sizes are smaller and we can all talk in a giant circle without anyone being left out. Freestyle teaches us a lot about how to use different software for designing artwork. In Film, we learn about how to use the camera to convey specific emotions.

I grew up in an artistic household. My mother was an art therapist and my oldest sister drew a lot. I had many different mediums at my disposal but I mainly did traditional art. In my middle school years, I started doing musicals, which let me use my singing and acting ability. When I learned about Freestyle, I found it as a new opportunity to learn a different way to express my emotions. Film can be very freeing because it isn’t like drawing on a 2 dimensional surface. You can do a lot more with angles and perspective. In theater you are using you’re entire body to express an emotion to a huge audience. Were as film can be very close up and show all the tiny details of an actor. It also helps me learn about the technical aspects that go into making a film if I ever go into film acting.

Freestyle is a very good environment to both grow the skills you already have or learn completely new ones. In my film class, part the class has never shot anything on a camera while some people have been making videos for years. It forces you to work with others in order to solve problems which can help build strong relationships with the people in your classes. Since we are in the Silicon Valley it can help us get into good colleges because we have already learned the ins-and-outs of most of the software. Freestyle has helped me to find out more about digital art and film in an enjoyable way.