About Me

Welcome to my page! The purpose of this Website is to showcase all of the work I have completed during my time at Freestyle Academy. Freestyle is a unique art school that allows students to explore every aspect of their artistic interests and to grow as people. For my junior Year at Freestyle, I am taking English, Digital Media, and Design. Each of these classes has allowed me to explore my varying artistic interests. For example, my Design elective has allowed me to experiment and learn about photography. Not just because of the availability of resources and equipment that Freestyle allows its students, but the knowledge that the Freestyle staff provides us with is impeccable. I was taught all about photography and then was given the freedom to go out and to apply what I learned and create my own original work. During my time at Freestyle, I have learned very much and have been lucky enough to be able to apply all of my new knowledge and create this website in order to showcase it all.

Outside of Freestyle, I spend my time dancing, singing, or going on adventures with my friends. I have been dancing I was three years old and have been doing it non-stop since. I have been doing competitive dance since I was seven thought I also have attended a ballet company school for two years. I am currently Dancing at Bay Area Dance School on a competitive dance team and hoping to pursue dance in college. I am extremely passionate about dance and I hope to be able to bring my love for the sport into a project for freestyle at some point. When I am not at the dance studio, I enjoy other artistic and musical things such as singing and sometimes self-taught instruments like the ukulele. Aside from artistic activities, I love to spend time with my friends and/or family and go on small adventures. Whether that means a drive down the coast or a fun night out with the girls, I value human connection and relationships very much.