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  For this project, I wrote a story and expressed it in an Comic and an Animation. My story is about a bird who has to find a new family after being excluded from his own. It follows themes of loneliness, independence, and acceptance. In this project, I learned how to transfer my drawings on Adobe Illustrator into a story with movement and audio on Adobe Animate. I also learned how to create an animatic, which is an outline for my animation. While looking through this project, you will see how my ideas developed over time and how I interpreted the story differently from a visual standpoint. While spending time choosing colors and creating a setting for my visual story, I learned that I love the aesthetic side of animation. Enjoy!



Click on image above to view my graphic novel.
I used the graphic novel to have a template for my animation. By scanning the graphic novel and uploading it on Adobe Animate, I was able to add sounds and visualize the timing of each scene. .

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An animatic is a simplified version of an animation, given a soundtrack and used to visualize the story before making the animation.

My graphic novel has simple sketches that still express the emotion and mood of each scene.


My animation is a different interpretation from my original story. The process of making the Flash Fiction into the animation made me realize that I would have preferred a simpler, shorter story for my animation. As a result, I decided to shorten and simplify my story to make the animating process smoother. Because of this, I could not use my animatic as an outline for my animation.

Making this animation helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. While my animation did not fit my personal standards, it helped me learn what I enjoy and don’t enjoy in the process of making an animation. The design aspect was definitely my strong suit in this project. I loved creating the backgrounds and finding colors to put together to make a different world. I learned a lot about Illustrator and creating all the backgrounds and characters helped me practice using that application. I spent a lot of time on the aesthetic side of the animation, which unfortunately took away a lot of time I could’ve spent animating. This did have a heavy impact on the project, but I took away important information that is going to help me figure out what I want to do in the future. I decided to just get it done and turn it in, so I can put a lot of focus into my next project. I learned so much this unit and I am very optimistic about the upcoming unit!





For this assignment, we created a comic illustration of the rising action and resolution of our narratives. We learned how to use color and perspectives to effectively depict the mood and tone of our story. The goal was to make the illustration concise, yet clear and thorough enough that the reader will understand the story.

Comic Illustration: "Flight"

Arist Statement:

In this project, I learned a lot about how to express mood and tone through illustrations. I also learned how to manipulate layers and use the pen tool on Adobe Illustrator. This helped me grow as an artist I was able to build a whole story from scratch which helped me learn how to express emotion and tone through simple colors and shapes. Each piece of my comic has a purpose, which shows how much time and thought I put into each panel. A challenging part of this project was organizing the panels to make a concise, clear, yet complete story. Since the assignment was only to illustrate the rising action, it was challenging to make sure the reader understands what the story is about without any background information that the beginning of the story provides. Another challenge from this project was learning how to keep my layers organized so my illustration could look exactly how I want it to. Since I’m used to drawing on paper, it took a while for me to get in the habit of adding layers. It is very difficult to illustrate scenes from the front to the background, so I had to restart many of my panels. I would change my story to be more aesthetically interesting. I have trouble drawing realistic birds, so I was forced to stick with cartoon looking ones that do not match my art style. Also, I wish I added more shading to give my illustrations more contrast and value to them. I am most proud of how I got in the habit of adding layers and starting my panels from the background forward. I am also proud of how my story is clear to the reader. What I learned in this project will help me in the future because I am faster at using Illustrator and more efficient with how I organize layers. Also, what I learned about using color and shapes to express emotion will help me with all art I make in the future.




     My Flash Fiction has themes of loneliness, independence, and acceptance. I was inspired by kids who don’t have stable families, and are forced to find their own support amongst other groups. As captain of my drumline, I think a lot about how important it is to create a welcoming community for everyone in the group. A lot of members in drumline rely heavily on the group for support. Since marching band is such a time consuming activity, it is many students’ only outlet outside of school and home, so I make sure it is an inclusive and happy environment. We are a tight nit group, and welcoming to others at the same time. During the marching band season, we are together from sunrise to sunset, and we even eat lunch together. There is no doubt that we are a family, and as a leader of this family, I value community and inclusiveness above everything.

     The experience of leading a community inspired me to create this story. You can’t truly value a real family until you’ve felt lonely before. I knew a baby bird being abandoned by its mother would tug on the reader’s heart strings, because who doesn’t get emotional when someone so innocent is hurt like that? My goal was to catch the reader from the beginning and make them feel attached to the baby bird. Doing this makes the abandonment affect them more from an emotional standpoint, making the relief of finding a family in the end more effective for the reader.


Bloo couldn’t believe he was flying with his mother! Well, sort of. He was still a baby, with wings barely larger than his beak. His mother carried him in a sling which she held in her mouth as she glided through the sky. The rest of Bloo’s siblings were already flying, but Bloo was not jealous. He waited patiently for his wings to grow. But he guessed his mother was giving him a chance to know what it feels like to soar through the clouds.

They flew over a deep green forest. Bloo looked up at his mother, sunrays illuminating her feathers. Her eyes pierced the horizon ahead of her; she wasn’t stopping any time soon. Bloo made a small chirp to try to talk to his mother. She peered down, annoyed. Bloo had unconditional love for his mother, but he was the weak link, the runt of the family. The mother began to slip one string of the sling out of her beak. Bloo’s eyes started to water. He was about to fall out of the sling! He chirped desperately for his mother’s attention. She released the sling, and Bloo spiraled down quickly, wailing and screaming. He tried to use his wings to slow his fall but he cascaded down fast, the sling trickling down behind. As he fell through the trees, he looked up at his mother, soaring quickly into the distance. He did not understand how he could have been abandoned like this. The shock and fear of hitting the ground caused Bloo to black out. He fell in a river, and floated downstream until he was stopped by a fallen log.

Bloo woke up in a daze. He looked next to him and saw the sling on the log next to him that must have floated with him downstream. It was all he had to remember his mother and his family.

His somber thoughts were interrupted by loud squawking. Scared, Bloo raced out of the lake and hid behind a tree. He looked up to find a family of birds flying by in formation. The mother was front and center, leading her pack. As they approached the end of the river towards the waterfall, they made a sharp turn down the cliff and flew to their nest below. Bloo was in awe of their unity.

Weeks passed, and Bloo watched the flock of birds fly majestically by everyday. Despite his loneliness, the birds presence kept him company and provided sanity and a routine for him.

Bloo admired their slick, black feathers and strong wings. Their strength and synchronization was dazzling, yet intimidating. Bloo knew he would never be as strong as them.

One day, as Bloo was watching the birds make their flight home, ne noticed a small speck trailing behind the formation. What was it? Bloo wondered. As the flock flew closer, he began to make out two small wings. It was a baby bird! He was struggling to keep up while the rest of his family sped by.


Suddenly, a violent gust of wind blew against the trail of the birds. While the rest of the flock kept flying forward, the baby bird fell back and lost his flight. He spun down and down into the river and began floating downstream. Bloo jumped to action. He ran from his hiding spot onto the fallen log hoping he could catch the bird.

When he was able to reach to him, he swooped him up and brought him to safety. Bloo squawked and screamed for the flock’s attention, who were too distracted to notice what happened. They didn’t hear him, and Bloo knew he had to help the bird himself.

He frantically searched around and called out for help. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the sling his mother carried him in, and an idea sparked in his mind.

Bloo tied the two ends of the sling into a tight knot and carried the baby bird in one wing.

He took the sling and bird right over to the waterfall and peaked over the edge of the cliff. He saw the baby bird’s nest on a tree below, with his family chaotically searching around for him. With the sling in one hand and the bird in the other, Bloo made a courageous hop off the cliff. The fabric in the sling acted as a parachute, letting the two gently float down to safety.

His plan was working, and Bloo was finally flying!

Bloo’s claws reached the branch of the tree, and once the family of birds saw him, they cheered with joy and relief.

Bloo was a hero, and the family of birds were forever grateful for his courage. They celebrated with a meal of juicy worms and bugs, and Bloo was immediately welcomed into the new family.

This is a screenshot of my Pro Tools session that I used to creat my audio file.