Welcome to my narrative unit of my Freestyle Website! Here you will find all of my work I worked on in the second quarter of the year. We had four different projects that we worked on and can be found by clicking on one of the buttons at the top of this page. My first button is linked to my Animatic project. Here we made an outline of what our real animation will look like. It was fun to be able to see my animation start to pan out and see how long it would be. The next button to the right is the Animation button. It has my Animation project about a scientist trying to save the world from dying of hunger. The next button is the portrait button, my portrait is a picture of Garret Caddes modeling as Justin Palaces, my character from my narrative. The last project button I have is my Illustration button. Here you will see my illustration project, which is a close up of Justin Palaces dropping the world saving liquid into a pitri dish. Go check out my buttons!