The Narrative Project’s main purpose is to evaluate our chosen story into depth. For example, my story was about a horse that thinks he’s in the right group by hanging our with the Zebras. He just wants to fit in. To complete this project we had to have an element in each class we had to complete. In english we had to make the story without dialogue. In design class we had to complete an illustration board of the main plot of the story. Then in digital media, We displayed all of the work onto this website.

Adobe Illustrator

The work that we did in Design was based of the story we made in english. We first started off by learning illustrator, then we began by creating a poster board of what we would do in the program. We put it in illustrator and then colored over it. Some of the design concepts that I learned in the process is the art of comic making. This is how real artist do it and it really excites me that I am doing professional level work.

Kubo the Zebra?

My illustration is about a Zebra that tries to fit into the world. He goes through troubles finding friends and knowing who he is. At first he just stands along side a group of Zebras because he has one stripe. He goes through the struggle of finding friends and knowing who he is. At the end he knows who he is and knows his purpose in life.

I have gained a lot of knowledge through the comic illustration. I have learned to implement different design elements together to make one project and learn how to time myself to deadlines. It was a great unit that helped me grow as a student and as a person. I will use the skills I have acquired and use it in some of my future projects.


The process of creating the story was very difficult and daunting but was very satisfying at the end to complete and hear the whole story. We developed the story through english and I think what helped me the most was the practices that we did in english. We all closed our eyes and imagined a character without a purpose and then thought of how we can make that character have a purpose through the story.

Kubo the Zebra?

Along the waste lands in the Sahara we see our main character, Kubo. Along with him separated to the side eager to keep away from him are the Zebras. The wind sweeps the land, along with an arrow of birds. Uncertain if he belongs to the group he looks at his reflection from the river. In the reflection comes a mule with white skin and a difference that he cannot bear. A dark line of hate and loneliness goes across his neck, it's his only stripe. While the other Zebras have a vibrant pattern of black and white Kubo doesn’t. He thinks to himself why he isn’t liked by the other Zebras or let alone look like one. They don’t take him as their kind because of his appearance. He wishes that himself could have a family that he would feel comfortable in, but in the Sahara of Africa only Zebras are the closest being to him. Besides them he has no one. That one stripe of his is the only thing keeping him from leaving. Even though the others leave him out, having someone near you is better than having nobody.

As the Zebras graze on the African grass being blown by a slight breeze, an enemy approaches. With a mindset of only one thing to do. Feed. All of a sudden, A big roar is heard across the field. A lion pounces out of the brush of which he had been hiding in. All the Zebras are stunned as if the flash of a camera just hit their pupils. They begin to run for their lives. As the Zebras scatter, Kubo is left confused on why the lion isn’t coming after him. In eagerness to not be lonely, he follows. His strong muscular legs manage to keep the pace of which the lion is going. Through the sunset, they run like Cadillacs with dust coming off of their track. Night soon begins to reveal itself and he loses the chase. As the lonely freak that he thinks he is wanders the cold and cloudy wasteland searching for someone, anyone. All a sudden droplets of water that felt like ice attacked him. Looking for cover he finds a tree. The night coats him with loneliness and makes him feel like a piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit.

The rain had seemed like it last centuries but soon calmed. Kubo hears a noise of chatter and steps walking towards him. In his mind half of his brain is telling him to run, but the other half is telling him to stay because he longs for company. Two heads start to appear from the horizon of which the water is falling onto. Two men with rugged appearances look at what lies in front of them. Stood shocked, Kubo feels a lot of emotions. The men talk to each other in surprised tone then go up to him. Kubo lets them feel his hair. The men were then confused. One of them took out a towel and a weird liquid. They then wipe the hate and loneliness which Kubo had suffered with for a long time. His stripe. He was a white stallion all along. The two men take him as their own and Kubo rejoices. Riding off into the sunset, things couldn’t have gone better.

This is a screenshot of my Pro Tools session that I used to create my audio file

Thumbnail of Grpahic Novel
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The Graphic Novel was the base and foundation for the storyboard for the animatic and animation. It was where we planned our main ideas and got opinions from our peers about what we needed to fix. I found myself correcting a lot of what I original because my idea was big but wasn’t clear in the comic.

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A animatic is a short version of a storyboard or a rough draft of the animation you want to make. It gives u the basic idea of your final animation without doing all the details. We do it by shooting short images of the storyboard and put it in order.

The whole process of creating a Graphic Novel, producing the Animatic, then crafting the final Animation is a lot to go through, but needs to be done in order to have a well done, and professional animation. The Graphic Novel develops the main story and is the first step. The next step is producing the Animatic and through the learning of the program we developed skills that we will use for the final product, by using fading panning and zooming. The Animation is basically the more produced and detailed version of the Animatic. It is where all the elements we’ve learned come together to become a master piece.


The Animation assignment was to develop an animation that related back to our story and design concepts that we already used. We first learn Adobe Animate in Digital Media. We then started incorporating the designs from the comic into our animation and using the program we created an animation that was about our Narrative story.

The Animation was the hardest part of this project for me because I felt like I wasn’t experienced enough to create an animation but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty simple. I first drew the characters in illustrator then moved them into animate where I animated them and made them move in a way that it related to my story. Overall, I feel more comfortable with Adobe Animate and will use it in the future.