Whoever it may be that has stumbled their way unto this website, I am glad to inform you that you are insanely lucky. For you have just found your way to a treasure trove of thoughts and ideas which will possibly change the world one day, but will more likely change your life- maybe not for the better necessarily, but that’s beside the point. So who exactly am I? Who is┬áthis weird kid in a bad wig with a Sharpie-drawn mustache fading with sweat? Well, that would be me. My name is Spencer Cook, and I am obsessively interested in roller coasters, trains, and not quite as obsessively so in acting, technical theatre, music, writing, and film. The latter four are more likely to change my future, while the primary two are mindless pastimes.

What exactly do I value about Freestyle Academy? This place focuses on creation, while the standard public school system focuses on replication. Freestyle has a very different approach to school- here, you become a human being with interests, values, and skills you can use in the future, rather than just another mindless drone fresh off the assembly line, crumbled and defeated by a broken standard. So this place gets a solid thumbs up from me. Every moment of regular high school has managed to beat me to a crippled corpse of what once was a human being. I don’t want to be twisted and bent by an unhealthy social and academic workplace. I needed an escape. So far, Freestyle has been a much healthier experience in my life. While it has consumed countless hours of my day, I have enjoyed every one of these hours. This is an unheard of phenomenon that gives me more hope for my future career paths and life journey. I’m spending my time at school doing something I enjoy for once. Who would have thunk?