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This is my documentary website. In this unit we were crammed with so much knowledge that it was almost overwhelming. We were introduced to Reason, Protools, and inDesign for the first time. Check out the rest of my website to see what I learned.


In Design this unit Ms. Parkinson decided to replace all our mice with Wacom Tablets. At first it was hard to get to but as a couple weeks went by everyone adjusted to the change and it was for the better. It helped a lot in designing our books in inDesign. We were introduced to inDesign to design and format our books.
This was kind of a weird unit in English, Mr.Jack left for Argentina and Ms. Tillam took his place. We read Freakanomics and organized our documentaries. We wrote a research paper that we later put into our book.

In WebAudio I don't even know were to begin. I was finally introduced to Reason and Protools which I had been looking forward to all year. Applications like Dreamweaver and Illustrator started making more and more sense. Mr. Florendo brought his friend Chris Ortega who is a drummer into the studio. We all took turns setting up the mics and mixing it to the right levels. This opened my eyes and I can't wait till the experimental unit so I can spend more time in the studio.



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