Welcome to my narrative website! During the second quarter of the school year, I produced projects that represented ideas and told stories. My illustration, photonarrative, short story, and animation all include stories that I came up with. The theme of my website is primarily based on my animation and my illustration, two pieces that tell stories of curious mad scientists who experience the profound and terrifying aspects of technology.

In my WebAudio class, I produced an animation using Flash. Before I produced my animation, I made an animatic, which is a rough draft of animation. Although Flash crashed often and was confusing at first, I got the hang of it I am proud that all of the hard work I put into making my story come to life was well worth it.

During the narrative unit, I produced two works of art in Design class. The first is a photonarrative, which tells a story with two pictures juxtaposed next to each other. The second is an illustration, which uses metaphors and typography to also tell a story.

In my English Class, we wrote short stories that challenged our narrative abilities. With our stories being no more than a few hundred words, I found it difficult to make the most out of every word and sentence. You can read my short story "It Reeks" by clicking on its respective button on the left.

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