Hi and welcome to my website! I’m Syd Johnsen and I am a junior at both Freestyle Academy and Los Altos High. There is no doubt that Freestyle has so far been one of the best experiences of my life. The Design, Digital Media, and English classes have all pushed me to be more creative than I ever thought I could be. In each class, I feel comfortable and free to be who I am as a person and as an artist. The Freestyle community has become a second family to me, and I feel supported by each and every person within it. Through this, I have also developed more true friendships than I ever would have imagined with both seniors and juniors. Although each individual student here applied for a different reason, I feel that we all share the same passion and drive for art. I am inspired by sitting in class everyday listening and contributing to discussions or activities held by my peers and teachers. The work that I do at Freestyle is by far the most rewarding because I am challenged daily whether it’s learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, or producing my own music with Pro Tools. I have already learned so much and I cannot wait to put my heart and soul into the next year and a half I still have at Freestyle.

Apart from school, my favorite thing to do is to spend time with my closest friends and family. I have two very supportive parents, two really energetic, loving little brothers, and two lab pups whom I love very much. Another big part of my life has been swimming. I have been swimming with the same team since I was four years old. As I have gotten older, I’ve been given the opportunity to coach the younger kids on the swim team. Working with the little kids had always made me really happy and I absolutely love my job! For fun, I like going on hikes, baking, exercising, going on photo shoots, and going to the beach!

Right now, I am looking forward to dedicating my future to some sort of design, music production, or cinematography.