About Me

Sydney Enthoven is a film student at freestyle, and a junior at Los Altos High School.  She enjoys playing volleyball, and plays for the club MVVC.  She also loves theatre and is currently a stage manager at Broken Box Theatre Company, preparing for the fall show.

Her experience at freestyle has been a wild ride so far, but she loves everything about it.  One particular thing she enjoys about film is editing, and when a shot looks exactly perfect on the first try.  She also loves building up her photoshop skills in digital media.

She values the technology and opportunity she gets at freestyle.  The ability to learn about premier, photoshop, cameras, tripods, after effects, and all sorts of other programs isn’t offered at regular school, as well using the knowledge you gain to create your own media.  It’s just fantastic.   Freestyle hasn’t been easy for Sydney, with many challenges and new assignments she’s had to adjust to, but every bump in the road has been worth it.