Freestyle Academy


My name is Sydney Mozer and I am a senior at MVHS and Freestyle Academy. I have always been interested in the beauty of cinematography and photography but did not take full advantage of these passions of mine until I started at Freestyle. I have been in the film class both my Junior and Senior year. Next year I am planning on attending the University of Washington in Seattle, but currently undecided of my major.



My Video Essay was the first film I made my senior year. The purpose of this project was to show some part of ourselves through a voiceover film by reflecting our personalities. I took this literally and focused on reflections. This project was extremely important to me because it not only shows my viewpoints, but gives insight on styles and types of imagery that I really enjoy filming.



My Zenith project was a self driven project where we had the opportunity to dedicate 4 months to produce anything we were passionate about. Given my passion for photography, I decided to make a film interviewing local, stylistically unique photographers. Overall, through this project I learned a lot about documentary filmmaking and gained a lot more confidence by going out of my comfort zone.