About Me

Tara Popovic´

Hello and welcome to my website! I am a student at Freestyle Academy, a digital arts school. During my two years at Freestyle, I have been able to take classes in design, film, digital media, and alternative English. Through the experience of these classes, I have been able to make a portfolio of projects that I am very proud of.

I have learned so much not only about Adobe programs but also about creativity, exploration, risk-taking, independence, self-discovery, critical thought, and problem-solving. Before I became a Freestyle student, I had only known the standardized experience of Silicon Valley Public schools. I thought that creativity was limited to fine artists, but have learned in my time at Freestyle that art comes in unlimited forms and shapes, and that creativity is a process and not a product.

This lesson has been invaluable because I am an artistic and creative person. Growing up with my flamboyant mother, I came not only to appreciate but to adore color and the things it can do, the ways it can be manipulated to convey messages. Browsing the aisles of Trader Joe’s I would spend time discussing color, font, and package design with my mother. To me, self-expression and awareness are essential parts of life and the tools that we learn and projects we engage in at Freestyle give us a way to touch on these things in a unique and inspiring way. I was able to write personally meaningful poetry, explore narrative writing, learn to storyboard, and learn the basics of photography.

Of all the projects we did at Freestyle, the junior-year research/documentary book was both the most rewarding project and the one that embodies my Freestyle experience the most. The project was utterly interdisciplinary as I had to do research and writing in my English class with the help of transcripts from interviews I conducted for the documentary short film I produced in my film class. On top of that, I designed graphic elements in Adobe Illustrator and took photos to edit in Adobe Photoshop that were related to my documentary subject. I integrated the graphic elements, photos, and research paper into my book in Adobe InDesign, where I designed layout with fonts and text/photo/graphic element placement. When received the book in hardcover a few weeks later, I felt so rewarded for the endless hours I spent after school and into the night working on the project.

This experience of being able to fuse so many disciplines and media types into one large and wholesome project of a published book embodies why I love Freestyle. The opportunity to have such an experience as this one is something that I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else. Thank you Freestyle!