Have you ever wanted to stay in a castle...on the beach? What about a barn... on stilts? Or how about waking up with the ocean right in front of you. You’ll find this and more at Pajaro Dunes. Through fields of strawberries, cabbage, and artichokes, you will find the entrance to this wonderful resort. As you approach the end of the road, this tucked away community is the last turn on the left. Pajaro Dunes calls themselves “the best kept secret on Monterey Bay”. Their private white sand beach is lined with beautiful rental homes and condos, which all have priceless oceanfront views. It’s a place to relax and create memories with friends and family. So what makes Pajaro Dunes such a special resort? Is it the unique styles of architecture? Is it the fact that a resort like this can’t be recreated? You’ll just have to go and find out for yourself.


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The book that I created is called Beach Access and is written on Pajaro Dunes Beach Resort. To create this book we used Indesign, an application part of the Adobe Suites. The actual text of the book was written and revised for about two months until it became our final book. The graphics I choose to create throughout my book help relate to my topic of Pajaro Dunes as it is a beach resort. I choose to my an illustration of the snowy plover as well as I mentioned it during the sanctuary chapter of my book. I focused on added beautiful photography I took to show the reader what I am talking about. It adds a nice visual on every page for the reader to keep in mind as they progress in my book.

The process of writing a book is as stressful as it sounds. Being a freestyle student comes with a lot of learning and hard work. Indesign was a new application to me and took a while to get familiar with. It was very stressful to make everything perfect and have everything align on every page. The book was very time consuming, but at the end of the day, getting to hold a book that you created makes it worth it.

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Photo 1
Photo 2
Dog Shaped House
Photo 3
Stairs Down to Beach
Photo 4
Pajaro River
Photo 5
Pajaro River
Photo 6
Beach Access
Photo 7
Sandpipers on the Beach
Photo 8
Flying Barn
Photo 9
Lighthouse House
Photo 10
Octagon House with Castle
Photo 11
Sunset on Houses
Photo 12
Photo 13
Photo 14
Ice Plant Flowers
Photo 15
Photo 16
Pajaro Dunes
Photo 17
Photo 18
Photo 19
Right on the Beach
Photo 20
Alligator House


I interviewed these particular people for my Documentary Project because I knew they would all provide great information. All of my interviewees are very close with Pajaro Dunes and have been for quite some time. I chose to interview two people that work there and then interview two owners/frequent visitors. This would give me good information from two different perspectives.

Mickey Holzman
Mickey Holzman


" It’s the greatest getaway where there’s nothing to do except rest and enjoy nature within a two hour drive of 10,000,000 people. "
~Mickey Holzman

Mickey Holzman is the CEO and broker of Pajaro Dunes. He has been a broker since 1964 and has worked with Pajaro Dunes for 40+ years. Mickey attended Stanford University, where he got his masters degree. He has helped the company grow and has been a huge help to the Pajaro Dunes Company.

Morgan Stuart
Morgan Stuart
" It's a kind of a world of its own in the middle of a hustle, bustle, busy area. "
~Morgan Stuart

Morgan Stuart is the VP and General Manager of Pajaro Dunes. She does all of the advertising for the company and has published many articles, videos, and photos for them. She makes sure everything is running smoothly while at Pajaro Dunes.

Jon Freeman
Jon Freeman
" Every single thing is cookie cutter and it feels like everybody's the same and driving the same car in the same house. Here at Pajaro it's very eclectic. "
~Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman is a homeowner and frequent visitor of Pajaro Dunes. He has vacationed since the day it opened and has watched it change over time. Jon is the founder, principal owner and President of Stonecrest Financial.

Nancy Buhr
Nancy Buhr
" To be able to get on the beach and just have a sense of openness and nature and to be on the beach for hours without any electronics has always been so important to me. "
~Nancy Buhr

Nancy Buhr is a homeowner and recurring visitor of Pajaro Dunes. Her family grew up spending every summer there since the day it opened. Nancy is the Parent Leader in the Family Centered Care Department at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. Pajaro Dunes is a very special location to her as she has shared many memories there with friends and family.