Self Portrait

This website explained my family, friends, and my overall life. Part of this project was to create a diptych and an illustration in design class which is displayed on my website. For this site, I chose a black and white theme, utilizing lines and borders along with black space to create a unique feel. One of the highlights of the site is the music, created in aviary as well as the diptych and the illustration. Overall I feel like I grew tremendously throughout this project, as it was my first one and I knew virtually nothing about any of the programs I used before the project.


For the second unit at freestyle, we were told to create a narrative story. In each of the classes expanded a different aspect of this project. On this website, you will find my animatic, animation, short story, photo narrative, and illustration. The theme of this site was a colorful football theme, meant to go along with the football story I created in english. The highlights of this website are the roll over buttons and the design illustration. I feel like these two pieces turned out the best and make the website look much better. I grew during this project by learning the basics of Flash Animation, something that I had never done before. And although I wasnt very good, it will serve me well in the future.


During this unit, we were given the task to research a topic and explore it to its fullest extent. After thinking heavily about multiple topics, I finally chose the Sweet Shop in Los Altos. As an employee of this fine establishment, I have always been interested in its history and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to learn more as well as help others find out about this great little shop.On this website, you will find the book I created in Design class which includes the research paper I wrote in English. I grew in this project by being able to connect with people in our community as well as learn more about my place of work.


The purpose of this project was to create a website that would explore an experimental side of yourself. For me, my theme was the mysticism envoked after gazing up at a night sky. Along with creating a website in WebAudio, we in english we wrote a song and in design we created an experimental piece, each relating separately to our theme. I really enjoyed this unit, and feel as though my different art pieces reflect my content and enjoyment and the growth I experienced during it was mostly due to the freedom to do whatever I pleased.


This website is amy profile website, on Andrew Adelman. He is an entreprenuer and an avid cyclist. Throughout this website you can learn more about this interesting figure. In design, we created a magazine and in English we wrote a profile article. To do this we interviewed three people and then used the info we gathered to Please explore it.

This is my music video website. On it you will find our music video, our lyrics, and production shots from the creation of our video. This is the finished product of my music video group. Please check out our website and explore what we have to offer.

This is my second Narrative website. On this website you will find my Narrative piece, my three colums I wrote in English class, as well as the different art pieces I have created in Design class. Please check out my website!

This is my eigth and final website that I have created at Freestyle. On this website you will find all of the work I have done throughout the amplified unit at Freestyle as well as my work from the Humor Unit. The song Alex and I created for our Web miniproject is also on this website. Please check it out!

Hi my name is William Scheetz and welcome to my Web Audio Project Listing Page. I am currently a senior at Los Altos High School and I have been going to Freestyle Academy since I was a junior. Here you will find the different projects I have completed during my two years at freestyle. Please feel free to look around and check out my different websites