About Me

Stoic Picture of a handsome dude

Slightly angry picture of me in Animation Class

You are currently witnessing an atrocity made by a dude who likes cars, plays a little too many video games, and currently In his third year of Wrestling. What’s up? I’m Zachary Raschke, welcome! At Freestyle Academy, I am currently taking classes on Digital Media, Animation, and English. In this short time I have added PILES of pure knowledge into my brain, and this knowledge is ever growing. Having very little knowledge in art and media, Freestyle is changing me drastically. I gained an understanding on how to use initially daunting programs, such as Photoshop, and how important these programs are for making cool stuff.When I am not bombarded with class assignments, homework, LIFE etc, you find me retreating to my lair for extended periods of time to play racing video games. 

That’s all I have for now, if you got the time why not check out my conceptual page? Link is at the top.