What is it about?

I learned a lot during this first unit at freestyle. It mainly consisted of teaching us media making programs and tools, DSLR Cameras, Tascam Audio Recorders, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, WordPress, and Google Applications are some of the many tools we used. We also learned how to express ourselves creativity through poetry, music, art, animations, experimental film and web production.

Photo Haiku

Premiere Pro Was used for this video

This project was a great way to learn a bunch of stuff about Premeire Pro and that is exactly what happened . I was extremely happy with how my video turned out, except for my heckin’ voice. The recording was way too quiet and it completely ruins the video… yay!


Honestly, one of the best ways to start an English class correctly is with a poetry unit. And I am super happy that I got to do just that. Starting with our Haiku Above we jumped ship into more interesting styles of poetry, like writing Ekphrastic poems. I was a bit late with turning in my Audio So you cannot hear my beautiful voice, although the audio may be too quiet anyway, but I do have the poems I made to show you in Text.


One Thing I noticed from Photoshop early on is that your memory is very important! All the little keyboard shortcuts are very important for getting projects done in a timely manor. As of now all I know is the bare bones of Photoshop but you can still do quite a bit with just that. For example, blending photos to make them look 1000 times better!


The Phenakistoscope was one of the first animations that we did in animation class, and is one of the oldest forms of animation. I wish I was able to spend more time on this for coloring like the other physical animation that you can see in the animation room. However I think that I did a pretty good job on the movement for falling cartwheel guy.

What a Phenakistoscope  looks like when not moving

The animation in action