besides it being perfect for my documentary project, i joined los altos high's broken box theater company for a couple of reasons. first off, i love romeo and juliet. it's my favorite play, at leas

t by shakespeare. among theater in general, it's way up there. second off, i know these people. well, i know know some of them, but i know what the people in this theater company are like. they're second and third year drama students. and seriously, when doing a documentary you have to choose people who don't mind getting their photo taken. and these kids definitely don't mind. in fact, i'm quite sure they loved it; they are all stage kids - used to being watched and recorded and scrutinized. they are performers.

so i joined them for about a month, observing quietly as they rehearsed on stage in their own dramatic manner. i followed them around with a camera and a little recording kit that weighed as much as a toddler, now and then roping one of them in to interview.


i have to say i was surprised at the cheer with which i was recieved into their class, at how welcome i was. it made this project much easier. so, a very special thanks to the broken box theater company and nancy moran who, as well as a beautiful production, helped to make a beautiful documentary. (not tooting my own horn here, i promise. all beauty comes from them.)



the song currently playing is "love theme" from romeo and juliet (by nino rota)


the song was performed by:


tammy lian (violin) saratoga hs

michael hwang (violin) leland hs

sonya huang (violin) harker school

regina ahn (viola) gunn hs

amanda li (viola) los altos hs

michael tan (cello) king's academy

bryan cassella (cello) los altos hs

recording engineer: leo florendo

recorded at freestyle academy

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