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Denial: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Gabrielle Viera (2015)

I was choosing the objects and the background for a few reasons. One was that the background showed an open space that I took in as an openminded. The objects showed weight/ denial (the book), and memories (the flowers). While learning Adobe I was surprised about how much goes into editing a single photo and how well the final product can look. On this photo I used the filter accented edges because it gave the image a certain shadow on the left that I liked as well as the sharpness of the photo.

I am exploring the feeling of denial through the experience of preserving memories. I showed this through flower petals, a book, and an opened landscape. I choose these items because to me the flowers have represent hope but as well as sometimes holding me back which is how I feel about denial, as for the book it was similar a book can hold memories but can be a burden. So that's why in my final picture I decided to use a scene that would be nice but as well show the darkness of memories and the denial that can shine through that.
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