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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1299 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040 T 650-940-4650 x0090
2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

After Spring Break Info

After Spring Break 2021, you have a choice to return to In-Person classes or remain in Distance Learning. You even have a choice to return In-Person for ONLY Freestyle classes if you wish.

How do I submit my In-Person or Distance Learning choice for MVHS/LAHS and Freestyle?

So when you have to officially inform the MVLA District if you are choosing In-Person or Distance Learning and want to only attend Freestyle Classes In-Person, please make the choice of "100% Virtual" or "100% Distance Learning" so that MVHS/LAHS will know your choice on this MVHS/LAHS (NOT Freestyle) Form.

Parents/guardians who do not complete this MVHS/LAHS (NOT Freestyle) Commitment Form by Wednesday, March 31 will automatically have their student(s) placed in entirely virtual remote learning.

If you still have questions regarding the MVHS/LAHS options, you may refer to the MVHS/LAHS (NOT Freestyle)frequently updated FAQ document or submit a question through the MVHS/LAHS (NOT Freestyle) Google Form.

If you filled out the original MVHS/LAHS (NOT Freestyle) commitment form and would like to change your MVHS/LAHS (NOT Freestyle) selection based on new information, please complete this MVHS/LAHS (NOT Freestyle) form.

As for Freestyle classes, please resubmit your choice SPECIFICALLY for Freestyle only with this survey even if you already filled it out prior to March 25 so that we can make an accurate count. If you don't complete the survey before/on Sunday March 28, we will assume you want to to remain in full Distance Learning for Freestyle Classes.

Which teachers will be in the classroom?

Except for Ms. Parkinson, all Freestyle Teachers will be teaching from our classrooms at our new location. A substitute or another Freestyle teacher will be supervising in the Design room. Just like all classes at MVHS/LAHS, Freestyle classes will still be through zoom so that the all students will have the same experience regardless of In-Person or Distance Learning.

Where is Freestyle?

Freestyle is located next to Alta Vista High School, so if you look up 1325 Bryant Ave 94040, you'll see something like this and here's some more specific paths to enter the campus:

Freestyle 2020-2022

What's the Schedule?

The normal Freestyle Schedule for after Spring Break is:

Bell Schedule 2020

Adjustments to the schedule are as follows:

Schedule Adjustments

For other questions, please email Freestyle Program Coordinator Leo Florendo