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Unmasked Reality: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jennifer Vieyra (2015)

I am exploring the feeling of confidence through the experience of a loss. For my conceptual project, I decided to take a picture of a mask with vibrant flowers near it. The mask is not ordinary though, it has pieces of newspaper on it to represent society or other people's views on things. The masks supports the newspaper by representing society's views on society. I also wanted the mask to represent how people are very often influenced by what they see in the media or in real life situations and that by taking off that ''mask'' they will become more confident in being themselves and presenting their own personal views. I wanted to show how if you do not wear a mask you see the world in a different way and can fully express yourself. I feel as though the flowers represent a great sense of freedom and creativity which is what people would have seeing things in their own point of view.

During the Photoshop process, I dedicated most of my time to turning up the saturation of my picture and making everything brighter than it actually was so it could show how colorful life can be. I also wanted to seem like the world is a bright place because you are able to express yourself freely in it. When editing in Photoshop, I wanted the flowers to look vibrant along with the background in comparison to the mask because I wanted it to show some contrast. While working on my photo I learned more about different ways to add filters on specific parts of your picture to create a difference. An example of this would be how the flowers in my picture are much brighter than they were originally. Another thing I learned was to not do lighter vinyets to surround the image. The mask in my image has a sense of mystery and disguise. I feel as though it fit well with someone hiding behind something and being able to get rid of it at their own will to gain something even better. The flowers represent being more confident in yourself and expressive.
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