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Untitled: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Noah Huff (2015)

I am exploring the feeling of desire while traveling to new places. I put the key in the keyhole to represent that, as you travel on to new places, you inevitably have to lock the door to past paths and you may come to desire those paths over the one you chose. However, you cannot go back. You have already locked off those routes. While I didn't add much to my picture in Photoshop, I certainly learned how to do many things. I learned to add filters and to use the pen tool to get a curved selection, just as I need it. I learned how to crop and add vignettes. I didn't feel it needed anything. The instructions said to only add a filter if I feel like there is a specific reason for it, and I didn't think there was. I cropped it to rule of thirds and messed with color a bit, as well as adding a black vignette.

The door in this photograph is an option. It WAS an option. In every scenario you have several different paths you can take. As you travel to new places you may find that other options and ways to go have been closed to you. That's what the key represents. It's the unfortunate truth of moving forward, that some things are usually left behind. And when you cannot have something, that is when you want it the most. When you desire to have that other path to go down. The consequences of moving forward; that is what the photo represents.
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