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Brian Belet: A Senior Profile Portrait by Dasom Chung (2015)

Mr. Brian Belet is a professor at San Jose State University and a freelance composer. He spends much of his time immersed in music, travelling, and working with his trio, Soundproof. Mr. Belet plays viola along with a violinist and a trumpeter, and creates music on a sound processing system called a Kyma. Warm and easygoing, he holds a true passion for music.

For the Profile Portrait shot, I used a DSLR camera with an 18-55mm lens to shoot Mr. Belet in action. Because of the lack of light in his studio, I opened the curtains to let in more natural light and had Mr. Belet facing the sun to illuminate his face. Also because of the tight space, there wasn’t too much room to move around, but I managed to get a good angle from his mixer up to his face. Overall, my shot shows a good balance between Mr. Belet’s softness and intensity when engaged in his activities.
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