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Mrs. Summers: A Senior Profile Portrait by Jared Perryman (2015)

Mrs. Summers is a special education teacher at Luigi Aprea Elementary School in Gilroy California. She works with multiple children with different varying disabilities. She works and coordinates with other Paras to accommodate the needs of the children in the class. Mrs. Summers has adapted her classroom with special equipment in order to make the learning experience easier for the students. She has a cheerful personality and a great sense of humor which make her appear as a friendly person to others.

When it came to shooting this portrait I looked for a background that would bring out the colors that I thought she would represent. I looked for greens and sunshine to emphasise summer. I feel like summer, according to her name and cheerful personality, would represent her in the fullest. I used PhotoShop to bring out the greens and lights and adapt the photo to suit the viewing experience. Cropping posed an issue however because I had to adapt the picture to the rule of thirds. During the cropping process i had to cut most of the leftmost tree out of the picture in order to have her face near the crosshair. However doing so cut a lot of background noise from the photo and allowed the viewer to focus more solely on her as the subject of the photo.
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