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Marwan Nassar: A Senior Profile Portrait by Sumukh Vaze (2015)

The name of my profile subject is Marwan Nassar. He is a student at Mountain View High School, and I first met him at the Camp Everytown of 2014. I chose him as my profile subject because of his selfless attitude and his helpful nature. I haven't met a single person yet who has even the slightest negative feelings about Marwan. This intrigued me and hence I was curious about his past and decided to do my profile on him. When I interviewed him first, I found out that he lived in Egypt until just a few years ago, and had lived through the Revolution that happened in 2011. Moreover, he lived in Cairo, which was the center of the Revolution, making it much more dangerous for him. Information from his past made me even more confident that by choosing Marwan I had made the correct choice.

One of the main problems I faced when making the profile portrait was actually taking the pictures. This was because our schedules were never lined up, so it was very difficult for us to have even an hour to take pictures. The first time I went to take pictures, it was late so it had already become dark, and hence the pictures weren't that good. After that the only time we were free was one day, after school, so we had to go to the canal near the school and I took the pictures there. The picture that I used to make the profile portrait was good because we were in a curved tunnel near the entrance, so a lot of light was shining on Marwan, but very little light was fell on the walls of the tunnel. However the graffiti on the walls reflected the light that fell on it so it was somewhat visible in the picture.
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