About Me


Hi! My name is Eric Rustum and I’m a student at Freestyle Academy.

Ever since the start of middle school I’ve been working in the realm of editing and producing videos. Up until now, I’ve only been working in the broadcasting field, but now Freestyle is giving me a chance to see what it’s like to make real, authentic films.

In my film class, as well as my other classes in Freestyle, I’ve been forced to think contradictory to what I’ve been comfortable with my whole life. I’m used to literal, narrative filmmaking, which is what makes things like avant-garde and documentary films so challenging for me. I’ve become used to analytical and narrative writing, but I’ve been forced to grapple with abstract themes in poetry and a mix of academic and creative writing for documentary production. But through each challenge I’m able to discover something I can do that I could never do before.

I get the most inspiration from classic and modern films. I’m still working on my list of classic movies to watch, but so far my favorite ones I’ve watched are Big, The Sting, and Rocky. I also continue to watch new movies, some of my favorites from the last few years include Creed, Arrival, and Get Out. I look to these movies for inspiration on artistic angles and creative story building, which I always need improvement on.

I’ve always made content for others to appreciate, and so far in my junior year, I have no doubt that Freestyle will enable me live up to those intentions to the fullest extent.

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