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Paper: Why We Do It?


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Los Altos-Mountain View Pony League Umpires


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Brian Huwe, a fellow colleague of mine. This will be his fifth year the umpire roster of LA-MV Pony Baseball.
“Well, when I was younger, starting my [sixth] year of baseball, there were sign ups for umpires, and I figured I liked baseball, or at the time I really loved baseball, and I figured I might as well be an umpire not to mention that making money couldn’t hurt.”








My boss, Andrew Palay, here seen as a teacher for future umpires.
Has been the chief umpire for LA-MV for nine years.
“Mostly I just try to enjoy the game. The interesting thing about being an umpire is you actually get to start to enjoying baseball games without having to worry about who wins or loses. So, when I go to baseball games, like if I go to the Giants, the same thing happens. You start, sort of, watching the game and enjoying
the game for the game sake.”



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