"Why do you pierce, ink, and scar your body?"

A simple question that sums up my whole documentary. It's something that I've always thought about. What is the exact reason that these types of body modifications have been growing more and more popular ever since they have hit the western world. I knew there was a rich history, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was. So I began my research. Many questions and hours later I had my answers. These answers are contained within the next couple of pages.

The product: a website, a research paper, a audio documentary, and a book. [The book can be purchased at www.viovio.com under the name Journal.]

I wanted my audio documentary to reflect the purity of the history of body modifications. I wanted it to be raw, not very edited, to give the listener something different to listen to. Something that gives the truth, even if it be the truth for those individuals interviewed.

Venesa Bombard and Joseph Nilmeyer were great interviewees. They gave me a good insight into their journey to modify. Listen for what they have to say, listen to the history, learn something new. We're not freaks after all.

The design for this website is pretty simple. I wanted it to have cooler colors and the font to be somewhat fancy. The book that I created was made to be a bit edgy yet classic at the same time. I did not want the whole thing to come across as "out there", freaky, etc. I wanted it to be something people could relate to and want to read. The book is contained within that pages of this website.