about me

Oh..! It’s nice to meet you.

My name is Shannon Mills, and I am currently a student at Freestyle Academy. I’m in the Animation program, with additional classes such as Digital Media and English Honors! I joined Freestyle because I wanted to know the works of being an animator, the process, the schedule, the wide variety of mediums, etc. I also wanted to be able to effectively use the complicated software used in the creative industry (Most, if not all Adobe programs, Dragonframe, Wacom). The amount of equipment at our use is overwhelming, from Wacom tablets to a 3-D printer, it truly is a playground for the artistic. I often utilize Freestyle for my own hobby, which if haven’t realized by now, is cosplay! Building props and sewing costumes, wig styling and makeup, I can do all of that comfortably at Freestyle Academy. Based upon my experience so far, this place is a lot more suited to my educational tastes, and it makes it a lot easier for me to learn and do things here without getting bored or disinterested. Please, take a look around, make yourself comfortable, and welcome!