My name is Tanshi Mohan and I am a senior at Freestyle Academy. Over my two years at Freestyle Academy, I have taken both the Digital Media 1 course and I am currently enrolled in their Design 2 course. So far, my favorite project that I have done at Freestyle Academy is the Documentary Project, where I interviewed Teaspoon, a local boba cafe, and wrote and designed a book about them. Check this out under the tab Junior Projects! Since I was a Digital Media student last year, I have an older website portal. Check it out here. Freestyle Academy has enabled me to unleash my potential, not only creatively, but in the world. Thanks to Freestyle Academy and the skills I learned here, such as learning how to code websites, make flyers, and writing a book, I have been more active in the community. I value that there is a choice in whatever we do and that because Freestyle is a creative school, you really have to think and reflect on everything you do.