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Details about narrative unit:


English: For the narrative unit we read a collection of short stories. After we read and discussed each story we started to write our own. We wrote a bunch of stories that focused on setting or dialogue and other stuff like that. After writing all of the stories we choose one that we would edit and turn it for our final. Our final short story is what is on the short story page.

Design: For the narrative unit we created a photo narrative. We took six pictures and the six pictures work together to tell a story. We used the program Photoshop for the phots. The main idea was that the pictures were supposed to be symbolic instead of literal. After we completed our photo narratives we started doing an illustration. We used illustrator for our illustration project. Our illustration is similar to our photo narrative where we have to tell a story though sumbols in an illustration.

Web/Audio: For the narrative unit we made an animation with a partner or by ourselves. We used the program Adobe Flash to make our animatic and animation. First we created an animatic, which is like a storyboard for our animation. After we completed that we started on our acutal animation. Besides the animation we also created this website. On this website it has all of our work from the narrative unit from all of our other classes.






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