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            MY FOREWORD:


            When I was in preschool, my mom would give me ten minutes to go into my closet and pick out my clothes that I was going to wear for that day. I didn't care what the clothing looked like, most of the time I came up with pretty interesting outfits. I would grab a shirt I thought was pretty then put it on. Then I would grab pants that I liked even if they didn't match. I liked them both, so I wore them together. I was able to dress myself not caring what other people thought of me. Everyday I set foot to school wearing what ever I wanted; I was able to show my individuality with out caring about other people's judgments.
            Now I'm a senior in high school. On an average it takes me about twenty to thirty minutes to get ready. When I wake up in the morning, I put on an outfit that I normally want to wear. Then I take it off the shirt and put on a new one, next I’ll change the pants. I’ll keep changing my mind about different shirts or pants that I have. Then after about fifteen minutes, I end up going back to the first outfit I originally had on. The reason I went back and forth is back and forth is because I care about what certain people think, mostly myself thank goodness. If I really cared a lot about what people thought of me then it would take me a lot longer in the mornings to get ready. I would have to look perfect for them and not myself. That just doesn’t seem reasonable. After a while I would go crazy.
            Due to my feelings back then and now, I Set out to explore the differences between preschoolers and high school students. I wanted to show that high school students have it harder than preschoolers but people already know that. I needed to find a new twist to my story. I have three younger siblings that I spend a lot of time with every day. They are ages 8, 3, and 1. When my brother, Jack, and I play outside, we come up with the most interesting stories. We use our imagination to create these crazy stories. I decided to go out exploring how preschool children use their imagination, where it comes from, and what influences it. I went to a preschool called, Los Altos Parent Preschool (LAPP). There I met 10 very creative kids. They were all very different, but similar in some ways. I spent many of my lunches with them taking pictures and learning their stories.