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Research Paper: My research paper is about how preschool children are very creative and don’t have pressure from anybody to be something they are not, and how once you get to high school you start to feel pressure to be something different, and how some teens can keep their creativity.


Audio Documentary: My audio documentary is how preschool kids are creative and the songs and stories they told me. I spent a ton of time at the preschool playing with the kids. They were all very different and unique in their own ways. Listen to what they had to say.


Photo book: The book that I created is a series of pictures of the preschool children. I started of with meeting the kids. I took pictures of each of the kids.  Next I photographed the kids drawing pictures. They all had their own ideas on how things would be drawn. Then I photographed them quilting. They each are quilting their own square to a blanket the whole class is putting together. Next I photographed them making magic batons. They used sparkles, glue, diamonds, and other object to create them. Each one was very different. Then they all went outside to go play. I took pictures of them playing and being themselves.