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Overview of Project


My project is about how the lives of people with social cognitive disorders are diffrent then the lives of neurotypical, sterotypical teenagers. I chose this topic as an extention of my PSA because I did not feel that I went in depth enough on that as this theme has been almost the focal point of my life for the last 7 years.


        " In all my life therapy is basically the one thing that stayed the same. It’s the thing that got me my first and only job and it’s the one I have been to the most parties for, though they have all been therapy parties. Slowly but surely Asperger’s syndrome became a defining factor in my life. It’s the extracurricular that defines me some kids have band others have drama or choir or charity. Me, I have therapy."


-Excerpt from essay AS & I


Everything in this project relates to this topic in its own way shape and form. Not ccounting the website I did one project for each class. A book for Graphics, a paper for English, and an audio documentary for web.