Welcome to my narritive website!

This whole project was to learn about how to express a story. We started by writing a standard script and looking over strategies that graphic novelists use to convey their story visually. We then wrote our own story with a script and a rough sketch of scenes. It would build from a comic into a Flash CS6 file for Web. The audio would be normalized and edited. We'd use motion tweens and transitions by using Flash CS6 and Pro Tools. To draw our scenes and characters, we used Adobe Illustrator and brought one character to life for Design by using three point lighting.

Since the beginning of this project, I was very concerned with the animation. I knew it would be a really big challenge--and indeed it was. The English portion and Design was easy and quick to get done. It was challenging to set up and a little bit awkward if you don't like to tell your model how to pose. The animation was a bit of a rush. It took awhile.