Zenith Reflection


I was originally very frustrated with my zenith. But through working on this project and seeing my finished products on models, I learned so much. After the show, I momentarily forgot all my doubts and frustrations and had a moment of euphoria. I was so happy to see my work (even if it was imperfect) and so happy to have finally finished. I learned so much with this project. It is said that you learn more from your mistakes than your successes and funnily enough that was one of the things I learned to be true in this project. I learned how deeply important time management is, and how even more important setting realistic goals is. I know that these are some of my biggest weaknesses, and now I can work on trying to overcome this. Clearly I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to achieve, but I still think that I achieved something significant. I also learned how lucky I am, I have access to an incredible support system that I am so extremely grateful for. They supported my through my melt downs and attacks of self doubt, they offered their help, and they made me finally understand that people do actually care about me. I truly don’t think I couldn’t have done it without them. My first show was full of errors and obstacles to overcome. However, I know this will definitely not be my last show. Each garment had its problems, but each carried an exploration in technique or material and a part of me. Although I had countless frustrations, difficulties, and nervous breakdowns, the feeling I had during and after the show reaffirmed my love for fashion and my hunger to continue to learn.