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“Probably the person that has been closest to me that has died most recently is my father in law, and it took him a long time to die, a long time. He was in bed the last year of his life, at home. And one of the stories that comes out to me was at a period of time, maybe a couple months before he died, he shared with us about the lady in black who came to talk to him.

And I was really fascinated with this because it was clearly a spirit form and he said, ‘She didn’t say anything, she was just a presence that was very vivid.’ And I asked was he scared, and he said, ‘Oh no, it was very peaceful,’ and my recollection is she didn’t say anything, but the presence was calming. It wasn’t a negative dark, you know, the lady in black, it wasn’t negative, it was positive.

So for the next couple months before he died, and just even right before he died, I asked him, ‘Have you seen the lady in black again? Has she come back to see you?’ he said, ‘No she hasn’t been back’.”